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Vanee’s 11 and #match4lara USA

Vanee’s 11 and #match4lara USA

Lara is one of 11 very close first cousins. They call themselves Vanee’s 11, after their grandmother on their mothers’ side.

Nina and Sammy are current Stanford students and spear heading the Stanford #Swabnation campaign Feb 11 @ 12. Stanford's hashtag is #nerdnation, hence #swabnation! Pls support them here @

Charlotte, Ben and Aaron are also graduates of Stanford and have all worked tiredlessly on #Match4lara USA campaign. Charlotte and Ben are putting together a “How to put on a drive package for US Colleges”, which will be available soon. They hope to ignite a #swab craze spreading it all over the USA.

Aaron has been in charge of the website, which is our hub for information.

Visit it here

If there is anything anyone can do to spread the word, please help them. Their aim is to create a Swab craze in the USA to rival the Spit craze started by Lara's brother, Seb, that has taken over the UK as a result of #Match4lara.

The 10 cousins do not want to lose their cousin Lara.

Please help them in any way you can.

Auntie # 3


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