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#Match4Lara Digital Action Day


Welcome to the live blog of the #Match4Lara Digital Action Day!

40 of Lara's close friends and family are gathered in a room in Camden today, to drive forward the global campaign for #Match4Lara. We'll update you throughout the day with the latest in social media, press and targeting momentum!

Follow us on Twitter @Match4Lara and Facebook for more info!


Chief Co-ordinator Jacob giving us our brief at the start of the day!

Jacob is Lara's close friend and a natural organiser (he loves logistics and planning and STRUCTURE!). It has been mentioned a few times that it is "Classic that Jacob has organised this!".

Keep up the good work!


The five teams: Social Media, Outreach, Targeting, PR and Design and Media are each meeting to plan how they are going to work together through their list of jobs for the rest of the day!

11:24 am

The Design and Media team have given us an insight into the work they are doing...

See this wonderful slo-mo video on the right of Fliss for sending her sample back to join the bone marrow register!!

Thank you for your help Fliss!


FOOD UPDATE: There is so much food around - each table has a different 'delicacy' - grapes (the large purple and seeded ones are surprisingly great), other treats include pitta and humous, fruit and cakey-biscuity-little-sweet-bread type things (if you know what we mean). Tasty!


A lovely lady from Anthony Nolan charity came around each of the teams to share information.

We have found it very moving to hear the dramatic increase in sign ups over the last week - thank you everyone for your support!


Although the thrill of the snow has worn off, we are now newly excited because we have been told that Lara is going to skype in shortly!


Now into the afternoon with motivation still high, a new poster for the campaign in Australia has been finished!

Good work Design and Media team!


Lara has skyped in to the #Match4Lara Digital Action Day! She said she was really happy that her friends were using their skills and talents to support and expand the campaign!

Her dad, Stefano helped to debute her new look - they both looked fabulous!

Photo soon to be added to the gallery!


The response so far to the #Match4Lara campaign has been amazing - there has been a huge increase in the number of people signing up in comparison to this time last year.

If you want to help, please go to to find out how to sign up to your country's stem cell donor registry.

Thank you!


Photos from today so far!


We are in a our final push for the day - everyone is very focused, making sure we make as much impact as possible to source potential Stem Cell donors.

Aimee has made a very welcome round of tea and coffee.

Thank you Aimee.


As we are wrapping up, we are squinting at our computer screens, we are frantically making the most of the various snacks available. Most of all we are trying to finish all our tasks and to reach the targets we set out to achieve today.

Now The Final Countdown is being played - we are feeling pretty literal over here at #Match4Lara Mission Control.


Taking our cues from cowboys, our great leader Jacob decided a spot of line dancing was just the ticket for a last group break before finishing our tasks. Hey Macarena!

Check in in five minutes to see what's happening.


Here are some final photos from today!


Thank you very much to everyone that has taken part in the #Match4Lara Digital Action Day! It's been amazing to all group together and for everyone who cares so much for Lara to feel as though they are doing all they can.

Make sure to keep up with the #Match4Lara campaign.


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