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My blog for Lara

Lara has not a single bad bone in her body; unfortunately now this is only true in a figurative sense. During my time at university I would often come to crash at the Casalotti's Belsize Park residence. As your typical well-mannered chap would do, I always brought with me a little something to show my appreciation. That something was Ben's Cookies from the original Covered Market shop; I always brought more than enough for everyone. After dinner it was traditional for Uncle Stefano to "ration" out the cookies. It was also traditional that they were all gone by the next morning. No one ever admitted to the late night thievery but the only person I would believe is Lara. My cousin Lara is one of a kind. Whilst out ancestry has always excelled in the business arena, Lara finds passion in devoting herself to make this world a better place. Should you be fortunate enough to live around and with her you will realise that Lara is the soft candle glow that comforts the heart and soul....even when you don't realise it at first, in retrospect you will. Last year Lara spent a long time in Working in Bangkok. Lara stayed, or more like used our home in Bangkok as a base for her escapades. The ultra independent cousin was always off somewhere. In her 6 months with us, she had travel to more places in the Kingdom and CLMV than most of us would have in our life time. Alas with her bones (marrow) literally turning bad; Lara has given us time to catch up and to carry on the goodness that we can bring to humanity. I once carried you on my back up the Great Wall of China but forever you are the one who pulls me above the madding crowd and become a better person. I love you Lara.


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