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This is Lara


She called to say that she'll be coming to Bangkok for a few days to be an interpreter for her friend's mother who is doing a project on "domestic workers". When Lara arrived, I was surprised to see her limping and using crutches , I asked her what's wrong and her answer was "I am ok ka Pa Pia".

The next day at dinner, she was obviously so tired and admitted she nearly did not make it up the BTS stairs. I knew straight away that there's something wrong and insisted that she goes and have a blood check...It's leukaemia .

Lara must have been suffering for quite sometimes but she kept it all to herself and kept on going and doing what is expected of her regardless how sick she was.....This is Lara.

Instead of taking a direct flight from London to Bkk by TG or British Airways, she took a cheap flight via Doha with a 6 hours layover so she can save £ 300 for the foundation she works for..... This is Lara

She spent summer vacation teaching English lesson to the night working girls....I asked her where is your office ? She politely replied .... it is right next to a place called RED PUSSIES.... I remembered that I could not stop laughing...... That's Lara .

She once took an eight hour bus ride up to a town near Burmese boarder and stayed at 300 Baht hostel in order to visit and see if she could be of any help at the refugee camp.....This is Lara.

At our home, we have this stubborn little black frenchie who rarely befriends anyone but to my amazement...he loves her, he would jump up and down upon seeing her , showing off his favorite toy to her.

They say animals can sense things that humans cannot. My frenchie "Pla Muek" can definitely sense the gentleness and kindness in this lovely girl... LARA



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